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express creation.

We are collaborators of the CIRCE system. We use the software approved by the State in order to
to be able to create your company in 72h. A notary signature and that's it.

Investment rounds: business angels, venture capital. convertible loans.

Does capital come in? Congratulations. Exit. Let's take it to the highest level by negotiating
capital increase agreements that best suit you.

Advice commercial form recommended.

Association? SL? SA? Cooperative? What is the legal form that most interests you?
Tell us about your case and we will find the solution that best suits your needs.

NIF foreign investors.

Foreign investment. We carry out all the procedures before the Spanish authorities to be able to
Obtain investment outside of Spain.

Partners agreement.

Drafting of agreements that regulate the specific relationships that exist between the partners. Protect your
interests and those of society.

Sale of shares and special employment contracts.

Selling a small part of your project is important. We take care of it.

Differentiate yourself: contracts with stock-options, phantom shares, incentives...


Thank you for your inquiry
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