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El bien más preciado es la libertad.

Criminal law

Assistance to the detainee.

The most important moment before a criminal accusation is the moment of arrest, we advise our clients from the first statement.

Lawyers 24h

We attend any real emergency , any day of the year, at any time, at S&C, we understand the importance of having your lawyer.

economic penalty.

Specialized in economic crimes, our lawyers have specific studies for this type of crime and great experience.


We do not give up at first, we are experts in resources, from replacement to protection.

We are not throwing in the towel!

Experts in the instruction phase

It is in this part of the procedure, where the foundations will be laid for a possible conviction, that is why it must be left in expert hands.

quick trials

We have held hundreds of fast trials, we are experts in the procedure and in negotiating with the prosecutor to obtain beneficial agreements.


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